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Yeah, I believe in peace and I'm a determined light-hearted, optimistic asshole.
I like different cultures, I like different people, I like different ideas, I like different mentalities. So I've started learning foreign languages at first year of high school and I currently can speak (more or less fluently) five languages: Italian, English, Deutsch, Castellano and Français. I think understanding that despite language, skin color, cultural heritage, kilometers distance, we are all human beings who cry, laugh, suffer, love, believe .. is the key to peace. Because only with this knoweledge we can achieve the one real truth: we all only want to be happy, and happiness can't be built alone.
My mother used to read me The Two Towers when I was 6 and that year, or the following one, the first Jackson's movie came out, so yeah, I basically grew up with The Lord of the Rings and I think Tolkien teached me way more things than a lot of the people I've met during my life. I'm very fond of it.
I'm also obsessed with Supernatural. I started watching this tv show like 9 years ago, when in USA they were starting the 2 season. Yeah, that's quite a lot of time. Favourite character: the brothers (+ Crowley). I normally prefer Dean but I know I'm more similar to Sam. Yeah, I have a sister and I totally think that if we were the Winchesters she'll be Dean and I'll be Sam (and I'm also the youngest...*mumbles*).
Although I'm italian, I'm obsessed with Germany (I've started studiyng German 5 years ago and I'll keep studiyng it at university). I love the language, I love the culture, I love the places, I love the MANNSCHAFT (Neuer is my ideal husband, Schweinsteiger is Got.) and I also like German people... Like, a lot... I find them really pleasant.


The tables have turned today and as a Pakistani my heart bleeds for those Policemen too who are bound by orders,what can you expect them to do?,they too have families,they have mouths to feed,they too have mothers praying for their safety.The Politicians who give police orders don’t have to deal with this they’re comfortably sitting in their palaces their kids don’t have to see their father being brutally beaten on the television.So please when you pray for those protesters don’t forget to pray for the Policemen as they too are Pakistani’s.

Sie redet nicht mehr,
weil niemand sie versteht
Ihre Hoffnung stirbt,
weil der Winter nicht mehr geht… —Nevada Tan - Niemand hört dich (via my-dead-end)


Frank und Timo

yongguk’s not so subtle way of getting closer to himchan ¬‿¬

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